Lunch With Leaders/Dinner Dialogues

The Lunch with Leaders and Dinner Dialogues program is an opportunity for students to have a meal and informal discussion with an out, LGBTQ-identified community leader who briefly shares their personal story, how they came to terms with their identity, how they have balanced their identity with other aspects of their life, and how their identity has affected their career path.

October 17, 2018

"Graduate Students and Navigating Academia"

Tate Student Center, Room 473 

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Meet a group of current current LGBT graduate and professional students for conversations about applying to graduate school, life as LGBT students, and their future as young professionals. 

In addition, meet staff members from The Graduate School and Career Center for advice and recommendations.



Previous Speakers: 

  • Dr. Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander, UGA Associate Professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies
  • Joan Prittie, Executive Director of Project Safe
  • Annette Hatton, Former Managing Editor of the Georgia Review
  • Meg Evans, Director of the LGBT Resource Center 
  • Dr. Ken Jackson, Head Professional School Counselor (Decatur High School)
  • Joselyn Leimbach, Lecturer with the Institute for Women's Studies at UGA
  • Dr. Justin Lavner, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and an affiliate faculty member in the Institute for Women’s Studies at UGA. 
  • Dr. Kadesha Evans, Director of Nursing Advantage Behavioral Health Systems (Athens, GA) 
  • Dr. Anneliese A. Singh, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Diversity and Equity in the College of Education at UGA.