Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and staff are welcome to become involved with students through The LGBT Resource Center through our number of programs as well as by utilizing our services and resources.

Safe Space is a great program offered to faculty and staff. Safe Space is a training program for faculty, staff, and students who are interested in learning about gender and sexual identity, homophobia, heterosexism, and how they can provide support and work toward being an ally for the LGBT community. Safe Space allows new faculty/staff members to learn about LGBT student life at the university and allows returning faculty/staff to revisit old and new concepts.  

In addition to Safe Space, we offer programming throughout the year including Transgender Awareness Week, The Connect Conference, Lunch with Leaders, and Dawgs Making It Better. Many of these programs allow faculty and staff opportunities to collaborate with The LGBT Resource Center or provide presentations to the campus community.

If you are seeking information related to support and inclusive practices for students in classrooms, organizations, or within the context of higher education please visit our resource pages. There are several local and national resources available to you; staff of The LGBT Resource Center also serve as resources and are able available for consultation, if needed.

Lastly, LGBT Resource Center staff and student leaders are available to provide presentations and speak during a number of engagements. In the past, staff and student leaders have provided presentations within residence halls, classrooms, departmental meetings, and organization meetings. 

For more information about programs, services, and resources offered by The LGBT Resource Center, please contact us lgbtrc@uga.edu, sign up to receive information through our weekly newsletter, or visit our center.


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Presentation/Speaking Request Form

Interested in having staff and/or student leaders of The LGBT Resource Center participate in a presentation or speaking request? Complete this form to help us learn more about you and your goals.

Suggested Learning Opportunities

View a list of suggested learning opportunities for students in your courses and student groups.

Safe Space

Learn more about Safe Space, a training for faculty, staff, and students who are interested in learning about how they can provide support for and work toward being an ally for the LGBT community.

LGBT Resource Center ListServs

Join one or more of the six LGBT ListServ groups to receive regular updates on events, resources, and more. Newsletters are sent to the ListServ members on weekly and/or monthly cycles.


GLOBES is a diverse organization of faculty, staff, and administrators whose mission is to advocate for, develop, and nurture UGA’s LGBT communities.